Micro Sizer air classifier
Air classifiers are used to separate particles in dry powder. Like screens, you have a plus fraction (Coarse) and a minus fraction (fines). Unlike screens which typically start to blind around 44um (325 mesh), air classifiers can be used to separate particles in the sub-micron range.

The MICRO-SEAL® makes the MICRO-SIZER® system superior to other classifiers by maximizing the percentage of recovery of fine particles compared to the percentage available. Providing solutions for all your fine product needs continues to be the number one priority at Progressive Industries, Inc.
  • More Productivity
  • Up to 50% less Horse Power
  • Multi-Stage Classification Systems Available
  • Instant Product Selectivity
  • Bottom Feed Arrangements
  • Throughput Rates from a few pounds/hr to over 200 tons/hr.