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Progressive Industries, Inc., was founded in 1978 and is a global leader in Air Classifying and Grinding systems.
We pioneered many changes in dry particle processing that have become today’s “standards” . We have over 300 of our
machines operating in more than 30 countries.  Progressive industries, Inc. manufactures and sales several types of
grinding mills including fine grind mills, media mills, roller mills, ball mills, impact mills and jet mills. All of these
mills can be complimented with the super high efficient Micro-Sizer® air classifier  and Micro-Sizer RMC® to
increase production and maximize rates.With our extensive knowledge of powder processing, classifying and size
reduction, Progressive Industries, Inc. can help you get the most from your grinding/classifying systems.


Edrockman IV

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Our Products

  • Micro-Sizer® Air Classifier
    Micro-Sizer® Air Classifier
    Eleven sizes ranging from a few pounds an hour to more than 250 tons an hour.
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  • Micro-Sizer RMC®
    Micro-Sizer RMC®
    Any air-swept mill can be retrofitted to increase production and control of top size cut.
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  • Trough Mill®
    Trough Mill®
    Trough Mill® (stirred media mill). Used for fine and ultra-fine grinding.
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  • Mobile Coal System
    Mobile Coal System
    A complete mobile coal grinding system designed and built by Progressive Industries, Inc., in use by an energy company.
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  • Ball Mills
    Ball Mills
    Ball mills are used for applications requiring large tonage and can provide very fine products.
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  • Impact Mill
    Impact Mill
    Originally designed for biomass, the Progressive Industries, Inc. impact mill has found many uses.
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  • Roller Mill
    Roller Mill
    Feed rates up to 20 ton/hr
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